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11:31:44 AM Dec 19th 2013
Would the Flame King sending the infant Flame Princess to die of exposure in "Earth and Water" count?
12:31:12 AM Nov 17th 2013
This list also misses in 'Her Parents' When Lady's parents talk about human flesh being a delicacy. They even eat a substitute for it, which Finn eats.
12:14:41 AM Nov 17th 2013
I am surprised that one of Jake's comments from 'Freak City' isn't on the list. he says:

Jake: You got it! Now I'm gonna go rescue all the babies in town [deep voice, face close-up] —only the babies. (found on the transcript)
04:03:08 AM Jul 22nd 2013
edited by
I think this page might've been griefed; there are a few words removed from some examples inexplicably. Like, in one example in Memories of Boom Boom Mountain, it's supposed to say "there are two hills, 'conveniently' shaped like butt cheeks" but now the "two hills" is missing, possibly confusing readers. I'm counting a lot of these; I'm not even a quarter of the way through the Season One section and I've already gotten four.

EDIT: I got further down and there are misplaced words, too! The section for Donny is definitely the most badly butchered so far.
09:07:37 PM Nov 7th 2012
Can PB cutting Finns face open count in "The Lich"
12:46:04 PM Apr 6th 2012
You're missing something from Hot to The Touch, how Neptr wanted to extinguish the "burning lady" using the foam blaster. He tells her to hold still while she's suggestively on her hands and knees, looking meek, and there's a brief few seconds where Finn struggles with the suit, grabbing the blast and shaking in a highly suggestive way.
12:28:19 PM Jun 9th 2012
Freud Was Right; not the storyboarder's intention.
08:43:39 PM Nov 14th 2011
Does the "worshiping Glob" quote really belong on this page?

Last time I checked, censors don't care about religion.
08:22:38 PM Oct 23rd 2012
No, it doesn't belong.
11:26:02 AM Aug 3rd 2011
edited by Hisaishi
There is one scene in "Loyalty to the King" that should clearly be included. Ice King's knighting staff...reminds you of something...If You Know What I Mean. Plus, 4:56 to 4:58, he is touching the heads of a twenty-eight year-old and then twelve year-old with said staff. Lastly, it is covered in something green and Squick comes to mind.
05:36:49 PM Sep 27th 2011
So I watched the What Was Missing episode. Quality was great but not the best (songs were AMAZING, however). The episode itself is pretty tame save for two exchanges.

1. In the beginning, when Finn and Jake talk about the lock of PB's hair Finn keeps and Jake says Finn spends "special time" with it.

2. There was more Princess Bubblegum/Marceline shipping in this episode than in any other prior. Nothing over the top but there was Marceline's song which apparently spoke the truth. The question remains though if those were Marceline's feelings or PB's feelings (PB wants to be noticed more by Marceline). Plus, at the end, PB and Marceline's discussion about the shirt could have been construed as a realization of Marceline's good side or a more-than-friends-friendship.
10:08:11 PM Apr 19th 2011
Is this page really needed? Many of the examples were intentionally done within the show, half the time there is no attempt to hide it or sneak.
11:21:07 AM Aug 3rd 2011
Firstly, that just means the censors got lazy. Blatant references probably infer the "Censor Imploded In On Itself". There could be discussion to include this as a subtrope but until then, it is clearly Getting Crap Past the Radar. Secondly, because of the nature and sheer blatantcy of the crap, they really do get it past the radar expertly.
11:45:11 AM Sep 28th 2011
I disagree. If it's not hidden, then it's not Getting Crap Past the Radar. It's rated PG for a reason.
09:47:57 PM Nov 10th 2011
I'd have to agree... I'm new to all this [this is MY FIRST POST EVER, YEAH!] but, FROM WHAT I UNDERSTAND, most is not 'getting crap past the radar.' 'GC Pt R' to me would be something that's inappropriate FOR THE INTENDED VIEWERS. If there was a 'Son of a [train noise]!' on, say, Blue's Clues, it would be Getting Crap Past the Radar. 'Adventure Time' has never, to my knowledge, even pretended to be aimed at children. Plus, there's the fact that I'm one of the prudiest (is that a word?) people who have ever lived, and even 'I' find most of the stuff listed rather innocuous. ...Of course, there's the possibilty that some of this stuff is more offensive than I realize...I was 20 before I realized (no, not realized- was told and researched to confirm) that 'Shake, Rattle and Roll,' a song I loved and had listened to for years, was actually full of double-entendres about sexual intercourse. You should have seen my face... Point being, I could be TOO NAIVE to be offended.
04:46:31 PM Nov 12th 2011
So, I've been reading other articles, and have come to the conclusion than one of theses three must be the case: One- People are applying 'Getting Crap Past the Radar' far too liberally; Two- I give Censors too much credit, and they are far more stuffy and Victorian than I thought; or Three- I am so out of touch that things I think are just a little bit naughty are in fact incredibly obscene.

Like Marceline asking Finn if he was thinking that guy's bowtie kind of looked like a bra- Am I missing something here?
10:12:36 PM Aug 27th 2012
"Firstly, that just means the censors got lazy."

Or maybe it means the show is rated PG, and less sneaking needs to be done? In that case, it's not an example.
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