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09:52:25 AM Apr 17th 2015
Hi. I'm thinking in adding a Mapuche/Chilean/Argentinian despiction of vampires. However, much of the vampirical "fauna" is limited to critters triying to suck off the blood of the cattle (hence the Popularity of the chupacabras in these regions). The Colo Colo and the Pihuchén are critters that feed on the breath of their victims, but are a stretch to be considered "vampires", i think. There is, however, a more straight forward example: The Hiitranalhue. Roughly transalated as "Foreigner Spirit", is an undead servant, revived by the wizards of the Recta Provincia and selled to protect the cattle. It has to be feeded with blood, otherwise it will kill and eat your family. It feeds by opening a hole in the chest of its victim and drainig the blood from the heart. Its soul is contained in a tiny bone, that need to be burned in order to destroy the huitranalhue. Despictions varies from region to region, but the principle of a vampire servant remain. So, should i add it?
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