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06:00:39 AM Dec 16th 2012
Why isn't this page ordered chronologically like all the others?

It's getting especially confusing now that some of the categories we do have are bleeding into one another.
02:36:50 PM Dec 17th 2012
If I remember correctly, it was one of the first pages to be ordered into categories, so there was no real system, and it hasn't been changed to the much-more-logical chronological system, because... well, that would be a lot of trouble, and no one is bothered enough by it to put in the effort. If you or someone else wants to change it though, feel free.
03:05:19 PM Aug 2nd 2013
Well, I made new chronological folders so that it will be easier to reorganize now...
01:58:55 PM Aug 29th 2013
Just finished reorganizing some of the examples. It would help if there were others helping.
05:31:14 PM Sep 3rd 2013
Everything is now sorted and the fan works folder was edited to include meta. I noticed that some of the earlier acts have very little folders. I know that it took awhile for the webcomic to hit its stride, but I think we can find more examples if we look hard enough. For example, I notice that nobody mentioned the kids writing on the wall in their sleep.
09:16:11 PM Dec 17th 2010
Is the "Aradia glitch" the part where Aradia's blinking eyelids are desynced?
02:09:05 AM Dec 18th 2010
Hope not, because that's not a glitch— it's intentional.
09:16:35 AM Dec 19th 2010
Then I'm incredibly confused as to what "the Aradia glitch" refers to. Does anyone know besides VLAD 54?
10:53:45 PM Jan 27th 2011
I assumed it was her exploding.
03:44:30 PM Jan 31st 2011
Can't have been, this discussion took place before that happened.
06:25:13 PM Dec 7th 2010
Shouldn't this be a HONF page, not NF?
10:53:56 PM Jan 27th 2011
That's what I was thinking.
10:11:14 PM Jan 30th 2011
Yes, after recent updates, the High Octane seems to be outnumbering the standard Nightmare Fuel. Prehaps a new page is in order?