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02:29:55 PM Aug 6th 2012
There needs to be a mention for Diablo 3.

The case of "Nice Job Breaking It Hero" comes in when the only person who realized the hero was being played for a sucker, Zoltun Kulle, was killed seemingly for the sole reason of having a maniacal laugh. Talk about terrible character development, Kulle was attacked solely for warning us about a pending problem; he didn't even try to renege on the deal we made with him!

Also, it seems kind of dumb that we aren't destroying the black soulstone immediately, seeing it already houses the souls of the most powerful demons. Yet everyone delays so we can get a few C-listers in there too.

The entire series should be renamed "fixing the horrible decisions made by Tyrael". Even more hilarious is how at the end, Tyrael becomes the aspect of WISDOM, of all things, seeing how he's displayed none the entire series.
09:26:23 PM Apr 10th 2012
edited by MikeRosoft
  • The much maligned entire ending of the series is one of these. YOU BLOW UP ALL THE MASS EFFECT RELAYS. This means wiping out TRILLIONS of lives on thousands of planets instantaneously; it means destroying galactic civilization as we know it in a gigantic conflagration of death and destruction. You are basically the worst mass murderer in history, no matter which color-coded ending you choose.
Not this trope; and is the consequence actually stated anywhere? (Or is it a case of No Endor Holocaust?)
02:14:06 PM Aug 6th 2012
edited by WindyCityGamer
posted in wrong place
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