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02:30:07 PM Sep 28th 2010
Cut this because it's uninformative if you don't follow the link. Put it here because I suspect the ads do qualify. (Though, since they're ads, maybe they should be filed under Advertising.)

01:20:36 PM Oct 1st 2010
edited by Haven
In my opinion, it'd be better to leave that than just remove it there since at least it gives you the option of following the link. Of course, the right thing to do would be to change it so it is informative, even if you have to click a link or do ten seconds of googling to be able to present it well.

And I think they count here since the ads are, themselves, comics.
08:51:37 PM Dec 9th 2010
edited by AnonymousMcCartneyfan
Okay. If no one else has done it, I'll reinstate the entry...

ETA: Oh, you did. <blush> Sorry about the trouble...
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