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12:37:21 PM Jun 8th 2014
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A bit of contention, so I won't add this example back to the main topic until/unless it's resolved. I added this Broken Aesop:

  • At the end of A Canterlot Wedding, Celestia says "Learning to trust your instincts is a valuable lesson to learn." Just to be clear, when Twilight trusted her instincts: her closest friends and leader deserted her, and then she was captured and imprisoned by her enemy.

Mag Bas removed it, saying "despite this, said trust in the instincts was the that saved the day- the story turns clear that without said trust, the Big Bad was likely to win, take over Equestria and eat the love of everypony."

That's not clear at all: The big bad did win in spite of Twilight trusting her instincts (until the climax anyway), meanwhile Twilight blasted a hole in her prison wall and found the real Cadence, then escaped the prison because the guards had temporary idiocy, then the others believed her because she showed them the real Cadence as evidence, then Cadence and Shining Armor saved the day with the magic of their love. So the Aesops as I understand them are:

-You can get out of prison with magic.

-Girls put catching the bouquet before everything else.

-You can prove your story by showing people evidence.

-Love conquers all.

It seems to me trusting your instincts definitely had no part in saving the day.
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