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05:15:41 AM Nov 19th 2014
Removed the following:
02:54:24 PM Feb 15th 2013
"Widely considered second only (or equal) to Yoko Kanno as an Anime soundtrack composer"

Really? Do that few people listen to Susumu Hirasawa, who pretty much destroys every other human being as far as music goes?
03:16:47 PM Feb 15th 2013
edited by NonoRobot
Who is this ? He doesn't seem to—-

Wait, he's the one behind Paprika's OST ?

Ok, I'm hooked. If you're looking for me, I'm just going to listen to some very good music.

... Also, well, it seems both Yoko and Yuki did more Anime work than Susumu, which would make this sentence correct (quantitatively). As far as the quality of music goes, since it's rather subjective, there's not really a lot of things to say here.
03:25:18 PM Feb 15th 2013
Even if they did more the Berserk OST (not just the old anime, all he has made for Berserk, except "Ball" which is a special case and not "the best thing ever) is pretty much leagues above every other OST. Just listen to Sign, Aria (both these songs might need several listening in order to seem awesome, trust me), Murder, Earth - hell, just listen to anything he has made for Berserk. Aria and Sign don't have lyrics nor is it that important, but Forces' lyrics are important as they are epic
03:29:44 PM Feb 15th 2013
I find it insulting that Yoko Kanno is thought as the best anime composer ever by the way. The Cowboy Bepop OST is overrated as hell and GIST, while better, it's still forgettable. Yuki Kajiura's tracks are better imo. As for Hirasawa, it's like his works have a soul. They're THAT great. It's insulting to put him anything less than "the best musician ever" in my opinion.
03:42:04 PM Feb 15th 2013
Yeah, it's still pretty just your opinion, which is incredibly subjective. Personnaly, I like all these composers, and well I don't really want to enter a passionated debate on who is better than who (I find these debates kind of pointless, since everyone has their own opinions).

If you want to contribute, I guess Susumu Hirasawa trope page could use some improvement. That would be a wiser course of action than saying "Susumu Hirasawa is better than anyone else, Yoko Kanno is overrated, and everyone should bow to the magnificence of Susumu Hirasawa" (which you're kinda doing right now, no offense).
03:51:47 PM Feb 15th 2013
Well for things I'm sure about I can be quite elitist, also I'm a huge Susumu fanboy (blame my awesome taste)

While it would take a lifetime and many people's consent and a complete change of world for me to prove Hirasawa is the man, I disagree with many things being subjective. Almost everything is objective, we just live in a dumbed down world. That doesn't mean I can't take something for granted, just that I can't prove it, so my stance towards this will be the same, except that I'm unable to prove it to others.

Anyway, go listen to Murder. Maybe you'll see what I mean
02:35:59 AM Feb 16th 2013
Almost everything is objective? If there is one thing that is subjective, it is how each one of us perceives works of "Art", including music. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" (Oscar Wilde). Why someone/something must be better than someone/something else where in reality it all depends on our point of view?

Also, this is why I don't argue with auto-proclamed fans: they're unable to be objective, and feel entitled to "share/impose" their "superior" opinion and convert others to their point of view. Sure, everyone can have an opinion about something or someone else, but that doesn't give someone the right to judge others and their tastes.

On a side note: "Murder" indeed is an awesome track.
05:18:10 AM Feb 16th 2013
I'm pretty sure that there is good art and worse art, and it depends on a person's intelligence and personality what taste they'll have. The fact that we can't CURRENTLY prove it won't change it. Say the world is changed to a much better place, people learn HOW to think, there is a good system that makes it possible for people unleashing their true mental potential, if in such a world 90% of people let's say were much smarter, but thought of certain arts as better than the others, wouldn't that say a lot? "Why someone/something must be better than someone/something else where in reality it all depends on our point of view?" Because one point of view has to be correct and the others are wrong, so everything does indeed have a quality. As for "doesn't give someone the right to judge..." I don't really care about rights, they are man-made. I lean completely towards reasoning.
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