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07:42:41 AM Jun 11th 2010
Re:Cut request. Looks like a work to me. The motives of the people creating the work aren't important, for our purposes.
09:28:04 AM Jun 11th 2010
If you were referring to the bile in the article itself, I've taken a machete to it. Better?
03:20:23 PM Jun 11th 2010
I thought individual songs didn't get work pages.
08:53:21 AM Jun 12th 2010
Do the artists have a page and could/should the trope for this song be connected with the artist's body of work and merged with that page? If the former is true then nearly always the latter in true (note the nearly) but in this case the answers are no to both and there's no need to scrub good information. Also this basically is all there is on the creators, works et al. Technically speaking they are the Kersal Massive, just as Ali G is a member of the West Staines Massive.
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