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12:34:04 PM Aug 13th 2010
edited by SoapMagic
Alright, what the heck is going on with the picture links?! Now they don't even go to a Spektor picture. The links take you here instead.
12:47:33 PM Aug 13th 2010
edited by MatthewTheRaven
Yeah, I saw that last night and tried to edit them all to work. They do when you preview the pages, but none of them seem to work when you view the page normally. They simply break again.

Basically, something is putting a space after all the "+"'s in the links.
01:17:10 PM Aug 13th 2010
It's probably a glitch. Is this happening to other pages?
01:24:15 PM Aug 13th 2010
I don't know. I haven't seen it anywhere else. It's probably just Last FM.
02:24:20 PM Aug 13th 2010
edited by MetaFour
It's just inserting spaces after the plus signs? Fast Eddie changed the code slightly for bulleted lists, to insure there's a space after the asterisk or plus sign. Unfortunately, the code change is a bit too far-reaching, and it's been noted that a lot of outbound links on other pages are getting broken up by the auto-space.

I believe Fast Eddie is aware of this and trying to fix it.

In the meantime, you can use to make a simple redirect to whatever picture you're linking to.
02:35:04 PM Aug 13th 2010
edited by MatthewTheRaven
Yes, it's just inserting spaces after plus signs.

Thank you.
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