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01:26:00 PM Oct 1st 2014
"Jerk Ass: Schaffer is known for this, exerting a totalitarian control over 'his band'. For instance, John Greely wanted to leave the band in the middle of a tour, and Schaffer was so angry about this that he made up Blatant Lies to the press about Greely being a racist that severely damaged Greely's reputation and caused him to drop out of the music business for many years. In recent years, Schaffer has been more sympathetic to Matt Barlow, but that is probably only because Barlow is a police officer and could kick his ass in court."

What? This is all speculation that I've never heard before, and seems to come completely from the particular outlook of one cynical fan. Not to mention the fact that Barlow and Schaffer are extremely close friends and are related by marriage. Hence why they kicked Ripper out when Barlow showed interest in returning for a couple years.
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