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04:15:59 PM Jan 21st 2018
Shin Violence Jack DOES NOT say Violence Jack is Amon, it implies many things but eventually it doesnít state anything as a fact, like in the original Violence Jack run it shows Jack can transform into Devilman when he is really serious; meanwhile Satanís willingness to meet Violence Jack at the end of the original run and the joke in Chibi Chara Go Nagai World where Miki mistakes Violence Jack for Akira Fudoh, and insists Jack is Akira when he says she is wrong, speaks more strongly about who he really is.
10:08:48 PM Jan 21st 2018
edited by OmegaRadiance
Jack himself admits to being a demon, and outright compares himself to Satan as a being siding with an entirely different race. It's what pisses the demons off. There's no mere implications about it. Shin was also made years after Chibi Chara and after Violence Jack and these sort of changes happen over time.

What Shin does imply is that Skull King is also connected to this and that's why his true face (Jack) appears near the end.

Becoming Devilman does not exclude him either. Because both the demon Amon is based on in the original show and Amo in Grimoire are also Devilman, because he eventually comes to protect humanity against his fellow demons.
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