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08:46:33 AM Jan 1st 2013
I think the trope "Musical Pastische" contains a slight mistake, as the BGM referred as a remix of a Kinnikuman theme is actually vice-versa: As far as I know, Shunsuke Kazato composed this theme at the beginning of UY's anime run, which dates back to 1981, while Kinnikuman started airing in 1983.

I've been talking to some UY and Kinnikuman fans and they say that, actually, the remix is the piece from Kinnikuman (morover, it sounds more polished than UY's version).
01:38:08 PM Jul 2nd 2012
Don't agree that the "Jump the Shark" entry belong in YMMV. It references an episode that parodies jumping the shark, not an actual Jump the Shark episode.
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