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08:54:31 AM May 29th 2015
Possible name change? Let's face it, how many people know the series by the [[Overly Long Name]] instead of the [[Fan Nickname]] Wata Mote. It's almost exclusively referred to as Watamote on Reddit's /r/anime subreddit/board and if it's not called Watamote then it's some other shorthand or the japanese name.
10:58:18 AM May 29th 2015
Eh, no. That forum is to small a subset to justify a name change.
07:48:54 PM Mar 15th 2016
edited by Minni128
Maybe so but we could we at least shorten it from "No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys' Fault I'm Not Popular!" to "No Matter How I Look At It", after all, other works with long titles have oft been shortened, so, why not this one?

Likewise, the official shortening is "Wata Mote" and is more used that it's longer title, considering even Other Wiki has it shortened to that and many other webpages list it as that.
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