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04:03:45 PM May 5th 2013
What happened to Ganta's adopted parents? I recall him mentioning at least a father, but they're nowhere to be seen at the trial and when he is released he lives in an orphanage. ????
07:18:45 AM May 6th 2013
He was probably 'taken away' from them/the adoption was annulled. Because any parent, real or adoptive, who raises a child killer is obviously not fit to be a parent.
09:21:44 AM Aug 11th 2012
edited by MarkLungo
I think the image at this site would be a better image for the main page. Does anyone agree—or disagree?
05:32:16 PM Aug 28th 2012
17 days later, no one has responded, so I'm going to make the change.
04:06:34 PM Nov 17th 2014
And now the image has been changed again. Would anyone mind if I changed it back?
11:24:21 PM Nov 17th 2014
Might want to bring it up in Image Picking.
11:31:34 AM Nov 18th 2014
And so I have. Thanks, Septimus!

05:06:20 PM Jul 7th 2012
edited by ToaNovu
So... does anyone know why the series just sort of stopped? I heard a rumor that the author was taking a break because of pregnancy. Is that true, or is there some other reason?
06:59:13 PM Aug 28th 2012
Yeah, the author is pregnant, so the manga is on hiatus. I heard a rumour on YouTube that there will be another season in Spring 2013...but YouTube is the source, so not really reliable.
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