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10:42:17 PM Sep 2nd 2011
edited by R.G.
Re: the Babel Fish.

Adams must have thought that communication is the greatest cause of war.
03:54:46 AM Jul 14th 2010
After reading this page and seeing all the hate for Mostly Harmless, I'd just like to pipe up and say it's my favourite book of the series. Well except maybe the first one, but the first one has become so deeply ingrained into my conciousness (can't remember ever not having read it) that I can't evaluate it objectively. Anyway, so what if MH is a big downer and doesn't have a happy ending? Neither did The Old Man And The Sea, it's still a frakkin classic of 20th century literature.
05:48:24 PM Oct 1st 2010
I agree. Somehow, I couldn't imagine the book ending with them just going off to explore the universe. "And then they all died" just seems to fit the humor of the series so much more, although I was really sad to seem them go.
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