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08:55:04 AM Feb 16th 2017
Why is being a Non-Action Guy supposed to be a bad thing?
07:10:47 AM Dec 27th 2012
Do we need the examples? The problem with putting examples in for fan-work tropes is that the list will never end. This trope can be done to every single male character in canon existence, and, according to rule 34, probably has (or the internet is trying its hardest to). Pointing out the many ways in which a character in any canon work can be badly written and OOC is just... ridiculous? Pointless?
08:23:57 AM Feb 21st 2012
Why was this renamed? TV Tropes does tend to overuse anime terms, but the former name "Ukefication" fit a lot better. There's also no elaboration on Renamed Tropes.
09:21:03 PM Jul 6th 2012
I agree; the trope describes something specifically seen in Yaoi fandom, where the term "Uke" gets much circulation, even for fandoms of Western works, so most of the people making use of this trope in the first place likely have heard of "Uke" before. It doesn't matter if the original source material is non-anime, this kind of Character Derailment IS drawn from a very specific anime/manga trope, so it makes sense for the name to refer to that particular trope. "Uke" is also a more well-defined term than the generic "Wimp", which could cover a lot of unrelated things, like Badass Decay, The Worf Effect, or completely non-slash and non-romantic examples of Flanderization, not to mention slash fangirls never actually use "Wimp" seriously anyway.
02:44:16 AM Jul 7th 2012
We have a policy against Japanese names for non-Japanese specific tropes.
12:44:28 PM Jan 12th 2012
From the main page:

  • Edd from Ed, Edd n Eddy gets hit with this. He gets turned from a sensitive guy to an all-around stereotypical uke; often with an exaggerated Edd, Eddy, or Kevin as the seme. Eddy gets this to, sometimes even when Edd is the Seme; though typically when he's paired with Kevin or sometimes Ed. He gets turned from his brash normal self into a blushing Tsundere. Occasionally Jimmy will also turned into a uke, though he's similar to the Butter's examples, even with Sara, listed above and has become more masculine (or at least aggressive) over the series.

Not to justify it or anything, but wasn't Jimmy already a uke? I never thought you could do to Jimmy what he hasn't already done to himself. Okay, got that out of my system.
10:44:39 AM Nov 9th 2011
The picture choice needs to be changed badly. All I see is a Chibi-fied anime version of Otakon. That does not imply that he's "weaker" now (unless you think cute=weak which I hope you don't). I don't have a better one that comes in mind, but at least a good Doujinshi shot of an Uke-fied character would be more better.
11:14:39 AM Nov 9th 2011
You can make an Image Pickin' thread for it.
12:36:55 PM Jan 12th 2012
The implication (I'm guessing) is "from the masculine scientist dude to a chibified pretty boy who would make the ideal uke" (as uke types tend to be more bishonen-looking and androgynous). Sure, I'd definitely agree we could do with a different pic, though.

However, why was the title changed to Wimpification? This trope happens to male characters who were canonically fairly good, but then getting repeatedly flanderized by Yaoi Fangirls so as to be better ukes. The point behind the trope is "turning guys into sad little drips to make for better Slash Fic". They don't call the, er, "receiver" guy the "wimp". They call him the "uke". I don't care about those who hate "Japanimation" for whatever reason; point is, Ukefication better defined the trope.
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