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12:59:02 PM Feb 20th 2014
Do we have any tropes similar to this for things that are not enemies? (For instance, items, inanimate objects serving as gameplay elements, level themes, etc.) I don't see any, in any case. Unique Items looks like it would correspond, but it in fact doesn't.
01:49:00 PM Feb 20th 2014
I don't think so. But please don't add those in this page. This is forenemies.
06:59:27 AM Feb 21st 2014
I know. (Though at least one person already did, with the Yoshis in Super Mario World.) Perhaps I should make a YKTTW (or several) for them?
10:55:54 PM Apr 19th 2015
edited by TheMartianGeek1
...aaand YKTTW accomplished precisely nothing and got buried. Though I still think the Yoshis shouldn't qualify. (Nor do the green berries in Funky.)
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