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08:24:42 PM Jul 31st 2017
edited by Hatari05
Heroes season 4 brought plot points together better than 2 and 3, in what universe? Season 4 knew the plot involved a carnival but not much else. Season 4 would literally set up plot points for episodes on end then just forget about them. The entire first nine episodes of Claire's arc regarding the murder of her room mate and her unraveling it is dropped, we find out who the killer is and after that never see or mention her again. That's like half of Claire's arc!

Tracy is introduced to the carnival and after the incident with Jeremy never plays a role in it's story, Tracy's arc changes focus three times and it's never resolved. Mohinder Suresh just pops in and out of the story there's barely any reason for him to be in it at all. Noah floats in limbo as well, having his efforts to get a new job, putting together a new company and his relationship with his old partner all of which play no role in anything and barely resolve.

I could go on forever, yes it tied everything to the carnival quickly but it didn't do it well. S2 and 3 were much better with their narratives and a few minor subplots aside had a clear sense of direction.
05:44:52 PM Jun 22nd 2010
True Lies has two separate plots, Story A and Story B, then A and B meet at the end. Would that count here?
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