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11:44:51 AM Dec 15th 2011
The link for Fiddler on the Roof potholes Moral Event Horizon. I don't care whether you think Tevye was right or wrong to draw that line in the sand (basically "You cannot marry someone expressly forbidden by God and expect me to bless the union"), but it cannot possibly count as the moment he becomes irredeemably monstrous. Even if you took the final concession away from him, he was never a monster; he never crossed any kind of Moral Event Horizon.

It's not like he was planning to kill his daughter for her choice in husbands. He just disowned her. Yes, it's a big deal, it's heart-rending and dramatic, but it's not the act of a monster. Perhaps the act of disowning one's child has been used as a Moral Event Horizon in other tales over other circumstances, but that definitely isn't the case here.

So someone please choose a more appropriate trope to link to. Thanks.
06:44:24 PM Jun 25th 2012
Agreed. In fact, that sentence is better just removed:

All it does is make me wonder what production of the play this editor saw, in which Tevye contemplated anything even vaguely resembling Honor-Related Abuse. Considering that the trope is largely about modern "honor killings", the comparison is practically obscene.
10:44:37 PM Dec 31st 2010
I feel like Uncle Ruckus would be a very fitting, iconic and well-known example of this trope, but I don't know how to work it as a page image without falling in to JAFAAC territory.

If anyone knows a good visual scene that demonstrates the trope, I'm willing to scour torrents for a screen.
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