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03:17:40 PM Dec 9th 2014
Is every Troper with an account supposed to have a page? I do not.
12:20:32 AM Dec 10th 2014
No, they are free to make or not make one.
05:37:48 PM Dec 10th 2014
01:02:53 PM May 13th 2012
Thanks to everyone for making this page about me. I thought my Pittsburghmuggle page was enough, but I am so pleased my contributions to the wiki have been so monumental that I get this page dedicated to me. Thank you!
03:50:11 PM Aug 4th 2010
So not to spoil the irritating coyness and all, but who was this person who coined the term "troper"?
05:06:23 PM Jan 22nd 2011
My guess would be Aaron Sorkin, but I haven't been around that long.
12:13:42 PM Sep 14th 2011
Well, neither have I and I'm still wondering why I can't find a list of tropers on this website, sort of like those internet forums.
06:46:52 AM Nov 9th 2011
12:23:57 PM Apr 26th 2010
Vigilante Taxonomist? Should I even ask?
03:47:23 PM Aug 4th 2010
08:30:50 AM Jul 4th 2011
edited by DanzellaMeezletoe
So if a troper is a Vigilante Taxonomist, is it safe to assume that a Troper is a you who Tropes, or could a person who frequently goes on Wiki Walks on TV Tropes and has an obsession with reading em, or maybe even occasionally reads and appreciates the tropes but somehow evades the risk of being addicted, also be considered a troper? Perhaps when you come upon this website and enjoy it, your identity instantly morphs from 'Margaret' to 'Troper'? So does a person have to be a Vigilante Taxonomist or could they just be a mild fan or supporter and student of this Vigilante Taxonomist, to be considered a Troper?
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