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02:10:13 AM Oct 20th 2011
edited by RoboNono2424
Why is there an unmarked link to a Sankaku Complex article in this page? The one for Koji Akada's article, yeah? Even the page on SC specifies that TV Tropes can't link to it. I went ahead and removed it, sorry; go ahead and restore if it's appropriate.
09:58:21 PM Aug 3rd 2011
edited by deadguy
99% of all the entries are about Tokyo, even though this is supposed to be a universal trope, with each country having their own Tokyo which their media considers the center of the universe. Maybe we should change the name.

Or better yet, we could fuse this with Creator Provincialism. Almost all of the examples about tokyo are Japanise, which makes them an example of CP. Hell, they both have the same Sailor Moon Abridged quote
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