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10:43:16 PM Mar 12th 2014
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I would like to nominate Apple for not caring. I own two iOS systems. A Gen 3 iPod Touch, and a Gen 5 iPad Mini. The former has multiple glitches, while the latter constantly resets, and twice recently, freezes and crashes. Both are guilty, but the Gen 5 iPad suffers even worse, because despite being two generations later it actually fares worse than the Gen 3 iPod. If you ask me personally, Apple either don't test their products enough, or this trope. EDIT: Sorry, turns out the 'Gen 5 freezes' comment is not an internal problem, it has something to do with a keyboard accessory glitch that I have overcome. Sorry.
07:29:39 AM Feb 15th 2013
Is it just me, or does the caption change every few months?
07:31:34 PM Feb 17th 2013
Check the history records and Ctrl F "caption". And you'll find out.
02:58:09 PM Oct 27th 2012
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I'm going to have to dispute this example (from Mass Effect 3):

  • The whole game may count. It is unfinished in countless places and the infamously bad ending seems to be phoned in at the last moment. Having been forced to release an unfinished game would have been an excuse, but the developers justified it as all being deliberate artistic choices. Either they lied, or they really didn't care.

While the ending is very contentious and probably, maybe, belongs here given that basically two DL Cs came out before it made moderately more sense, the "unfinished in countless places" comes out of nowhere. Basically, the game has been very highly praised in pretty much all regards except the "wtfness" of the ending. Some specific examples are going to be needed.
10:05:58 PM Feb 8th 2013
I don't even think that the game itself really should be mentioned here. This trope is specifically for terrible production values and efforts across an entire work, and for all its other faults, Mass Effect 3 had stellar production values and effort put into it. They Just Didn't Care was pulled from the Mass Effect 3 YMMV page for this exact reason.
05:45:33 AM Nov 17th 2011
A lot of entries fit other tropes much better e.g. the dark knight one sounds more like did not do research, the golden compass adaption decay although there probably there already but felt like this trope was shoehorned for TDK probably someone with that occupation. The golden compass entry was also a bit inaccurate because it was subjugated to a case of executive meddling. Also what was with the disney vanity plate entry? That's not even a work!
01:39:06 AM Apr 22nd 2012
If you think its a big enough issue, bring it to the Trope Repair Shop for miss use. i have noticed this too (but I am talking about links to the page).
07:57:14 PM Dec 14th 2013
It's been at least once. As I recall, there was so goddamn much wrong with it that people didn't know where to start fixing, and the discussion got closed. There's opposition to just cutting it, because it's an old page with a lot of links, despite the fact that apparently for all that time it hasn't had the first clue what it's supposed to be about and most of the links are just generalised Complaining.