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12:30:54 PM Jun 27th 2016
Why was No Dub for You removed from the sub tropes list? Isn't not dubbing the rest of a series despite having some popularity technically an example of not caring about a product?
12:42:27 PM Jun 27th 2016
I think it is because one lack of care by one not involved in its initial production is not enough to qualify (this requires every aspect of the productions, like script and animation, show a lack of care). There is a effort to repair this trope for this reason.
12:45:12 PM Jun 27th 2016
Or because it's less "not caring" and more "not being able to afford."

A work can be completely beloved by its translators, but if they can't afford English voice acting, that's out of their control.

Not to mention a lot of people hate dubs. With a burning passion. Skipping a bad dub may be for the best.
12:57:27 PM Jun 27th 2016
But it also says that "lack of money" is part of having be part of "not caring" to make a good product.
05:49:39 AM Jan 9th 2016
Seems as though many of the examples on this page shouldn't be here. A couple of examples given are the ceramic gun from Die Hard 2, and Zemeckis's lack of faithfulness to the original poem Beowulf. Like many films, Die Hard 2 used a firearm that doesn't exist. This isn't an example of "not caring", just a choice to invent something in order to aid a plot point. Similarly, Zemeckis;s decision to depart utterly from the poem is an artistic choice, not a matter of not caring. Per the introduction, this page is about cases where "A strange combination of the lack of money, time, expertise, enthusiasm, and simple talent sabotages the production." Perhaps we should have a cull.
09:10:14 AM Dec 26th 2015
edited by VAIAZ
Do you think The Legend of Rah and the Muggles would fit in here?

The "book" was published only because of the infamous lawsuit she filed against J.K. Rowling because she allegedly "plagiarized" her work, which is full of inexcusable scientific inaccuracies, bad grammar, reudundant telling and one of the worst cases of Designated Hero and Designated Villain I've read about.

Also, when she (re-)published the book, she didn't even bother doing a spellcheck and published it as it is.
10:35:54 AM Oct 28th 2015
How does the page image illustrate the trope? Is it just that the title is so hard to read?
10:45:03 AM Oct 28th 2015
Read the the title out loud, making sure to read every word.
11:05:10 AM Oct 28th 2015
Oooh, I get it. Wow, that's...surprisingly easy to miss.
01:09:56 PM Oct 28th 2015
edited by Larkmarn
... maybe you (removes sunglasses) ... just didn't care?


07:05:55 PM Feb 6th 2015
Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U could both easily count for many reasons. Awful gameplay, ugly visuals, millions of bugs making them unplayable, not to mention that these were some very anticipated games for 2014 that could have saved the Wii U, yet Nintendo just rushed them out for the sake of making money - and not even that worked.
05:46:14 AM Feb 9th 2015
No. Just no.
10:43:16 PM Mar 12th 2014
edited by
I would like to nominate Apple for not caring. I own two iOS systems. A Gen 3 iPod Touch, and a Gen 5 iPad Mini. The former has multiple glitches, while the latter constantly resets, and twice recently, freezes and crashes. Both are guilty, but the Gen 5 iPad suffers even worse, because despite being two generations later it actually fares worse than the Gen 3 iPod. If you ask me personally, Apple either don't test their products enough, or this trope. EDIT: Sorry, turns out the 'Gen 5 freezes' comment is not an internal problem, it has something to do with a keyboard accessory glitch that I have overcome. Sorry.
07:29:39 AM Feb 15th 2013
Is it just me, or does the caption change every few months?
07:31:34 PM Feb 17th 2013
Check the history records and Ctrl F "caption". And you'll find out.
02:58:09 PM Oct 27th 2012
edited by FearOfTheUnknown
I'm going to have to dispute this example (from Mass Effect 3):

  • The whole game may count. It is unfinished in countless places and the infamously bad ending seems to be phoned in at the last moment. Having been forced to release an unfinished game would have been an excuse, but the developers justified it as all being deliberate artistic choices. Either they lied, or they really didn't care.

While the ending is very contentious and probably, maybe, belongs here given that basically two DL Cs came out before it made moderately more sense, the "unfinished in countless places" comes out of nowhere. Basically, the game has been very highly praised in pretty much all regards except the "wtfness" of the ending. Some specific examples are going to be needed.
10:05:58 PM Feb 8th 2013
I don't even think that the game itself really should be mentioned here. This trope is specifically for terrible production values and efforts across an entire work, and for all its other faults, Mass Effect 3 had stellar production values and effort put into it. They Just Didn't Care was pulled from the Mass Effect 3 YMMV page for this exact reason.
05:45:33 AM Nov 17th 2011
A lot of entries fit other tropes much better e.g. the dark knight one sounds more like did not do research, the golden compass adaption decay although there probably there already but felt like this trope was shoehorned for TDK probably someone with that occupation. The golden compass entry was also a bit inaccurate because it was subjugated to a case of executive meddling. Also what was with the disney vanity plate entry? That's not even a work!
01:39:06 AM Apr 22nd 2012
If you think its a big enough issue, bring it to the Trope Repair Shop for miss use. i have noticed this too (but I am talking about links to the page).
07:57:14 PM Dec 14th 2013
It's been at least once. As I recall, there was so goddamn much wrong with it that people didn't know where to start fixing, and the discussion got closed. There's opposition to just cutting it, because it's an old page with a lot of links, despite the fact that apparently for all that time it hasn't had the first clue what it's supposed to be about and most of the links are just generalised Complaining.
01:39:40 PM Sep 30th 2011
I think this trope is Darth Wiki worthy. Who agree/disagrees?
09:30:02 AM Jun 17th 2015
I (sort of) Agree.
05:36:15 PM Jul 17th 2011
Quite a lot of the entries here don't seem to be about production values at all, but about Adaptation Decay, Did Not Do the Research, or Executive Meddling (and the Ko F entry that I opted to remove just smacked too much of someone complaining a thing was RUINED FOREVER).

I could do more aggressive paring-down, but I'm a little worried about overreaching my authority.
06:11:11 PM Jul 17th 2011
Ah what the heck, I'll go ahead and pare aggressively; worst-case scenario the page can be restored from an earlier version.

Pulled: All Anime/Manga entries except the Dragon Ball movie dub and Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged comment entries: rest are more Did Not Do the Research. Film: Scarlet Letter entry (really Adaptation Decay) Film: Hackers entry (too much natter) Film: Dead Like Me (Adaptation Decay) Film: Highlander (which seems to be commenting more on Highlander 2— which might warrant its own entry if someone wants to write it) Literature: Friday the 13th (Adaptation Decay, maybe.) Literature: Disney's Aladdin (Did Not Do the Research, or maybe they did according to the sub-entry) TV: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Did Not Do the Research, though what exactly they got wrong wasn't even detailed) TV: iCarly (kind of lacking detail) TV: Tales from the Neverending Story (Adaptation Decay) Entire Theatre folder — both examples look more like Adaptation Decay or at least Alternate Character Interpretation of a crazy sort rather than shoddy production values. Video Games: It'd almost be easier to list what wasn't removed for actually being about Adaptation Decay, Didn't Do the Research, Your Mileage May Vary, or even Seasonal Rot, Blind Idiot Translation, or Contemptible Cover. Western Animation: Jungle Book (it's either Adaptation Decay or Executive Meddling) Western Animation: Transformers Beast Machines (mostly a big fat Take That at Dan Di Dio) Western Animation: Tom & Jerry the Movie (just an entry writer ranting about why it sucked) Western Animation: Bionicle (Adaptation Decay) Western Animation: Captain N (Adaptation Decay) Western Animation: Busy World of Richard Scarry (are the historical segments supposed to be educational or are they dictated by Rule of Funny?)

Yeah, a lot of stuff pulled out— and there's still an entry or two I'm not sure belong. This trope may need an overhaul.

04:59:43 AM Mar 28th 2011
edited by runawayjoincircus
The promotional material for the HAVOC vehicle from G.I.Joe shows a red-and-white uniformed man firing guns. This is Lifeline, an avowed pacifist who at the time would never have fired any guns.
06:22:42 AM Mar 8th 2011
The Tekken and King of Fighters examples under Film are awfully long, are they not? They're two or three times as long as any other Film example, even without the natter.
03:00:01 PM Oct 7th 2010
edited by runawayjoincircus
Pulled this out.

  • Nintendo is usually known for their good localization work(the Mario & Luigi RPGs wouldn't be as awesome without the great localization they gave the series), but their localization of Metroid: Other M is truly inexcusable. Awful voice acting abound, incomprehensible dialogue, and a horribly miscast Samus. But they also commit the biggest cardinal sin of any bad localization: leaving out the (vastly superior) Japanese voice track. Even Sin and Punishment: Star Successor had the original voice track!

I could say Fan Dumb, but let's just consider it a heavy case of Your Mileage May Vary. Way too heavy to be on the page (passed as fact, even).
03:14:19 PM Oct 7th 2010
Yeah, that's just bitching and moaning. It seems like there's no shortage of it in regards to Other M.
03:50:57 PM Aug 25th 2010

  • The brutal oversimplification of the tabletop strategy game BattleTech done by Microsoft for the Mechassault series (not to be confused with the MechWarrior series which for the most part is pretty faithful). This included such things as force fields, a gun that shoots lava, magical glowing green piles of salvage that instantly repair damage, infinite ammo, and contact with the ground causing all mechs to explode violently
    • Mech Warrior 4 also added variable-damage weaponry in the form of the Bombast laser, and claimed that the vacuum of space provided improved cooling over air.
      • Small BattleTech note. A variable-damage weapon was later added to BT, but it was not the Bombast laser.
        • As of the recent core book, Tactical Operations, there are two kinds weapons that can vary damage: Bombast Lasers and any PPC with a capacitor. Not counting Ultra and Rotary Autocannons, and range-variable weapons like Heavy Gauss Rifles and Snub-nosed PPCs.
          • Mechwarrior 4 takes plenty of liberties all the same. Clantech is far too abundant, especially in the Mercenaries sequel which has even backwater rebel militias armed with cutting edge Clan Omnimechs!

You could call it adaptation decay, but I see no evidence that the makers of Mech Assault didn't care about what they were making.
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