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04:18:10 PM Sep 29th 2011
I added in Subverted Rhyme Every Occasion. The reason is, I actually came here, to this category page, to find the fairly common gimmick of saying a verse whose rhyme leads you to expect a curse word, and then saying something else (as, e.g., in the song "Shaving Cream"). This is done so often with obscenities that I assumed I'd be able to find any relevant trope here—and when I couldn't, I assumed we must somehow have missed the trope, and submitted a YKTTW. (And was immediately told about the actual trope page.)

So I know at least one case where someone would try to find that trope by looking here, on the cussin'-category page, and I figure there will be others like me.

Since (in this particular context) it's a variant of Curse Cut Short (i.e. you cut your own curse short by setting it up, then switching to an unexpected word), I put it as a sub-bullet under that one.
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