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03:28:33 PM Dec 16th 2016
The most ridiculous example is the Shazamobile, property of Shazam
06:30:13 PM Nov 21st 2011
So is the name of this page "Theme-mobile," or "The-Me-Mobile?" Because either would work. Batman's cars always have a theme, but he also names them after himself, too.
07:53:57 AM Aug 9th 2013
I love the fact this works either way. It's either the most brilliant thing on the wiki, or the luckiest.
09:42:04 PM Apr 18th 2010
This article needs cleanup. The Popemobile, for instance, is not something you'd identify with the Pope unless you already knew that this was the kind of thing the Pope is driven around in. If the cupola was in the shape of his hat, or if it had a giant cross on it, then it would be an excellent fit. I don't know if just having a little seal on it "counts." I'll try to do it if I remember in the morning.
02:30:35 PM Jan 21st 2014
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The Pope-Mobile is Iconic and recognizable as what it is, It should be number 1 under real life examples.

This Trope is certainly relevant to why it's called that.

What your thinking of is a Faceship
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