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  • Really? This Troper distinctly remembers otherwise. In fact, I recall at least one statement by the protagonist that's she's far too young for him to be legally having sex with her.
    • She is, but it only became an issue when the game was localized.
      • Oh, I got the joke. But I was playing a localized version. In which she was referred to as underage. Explain.

In the J-List localization of the game, Ruruka was referred to as being 18. It could very well be that they patched the game afterwards to redo some of the dialogue after realising how absurd the whole situation was. A similar thing happened with the translation for Family Project revolving around difficulties with Matsuri as well as a few inappropriate jokes (Over Nine Thousand) that were left behind from the initial translation stages.

Another possibility is that they left in the comments you mentioned, forgetting that (or not really trying to remember) she was supposed to have her age edited.

I'll give it a few days and then cut the natter from the main article if that's alright with everyone. It has been a long time so I don't actually remember.
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