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12:19:40 AM Jan 27th 2015
I have a question. Can this trope also apply to dimensional counterparts as well?
01:09:32 AM Jan 27th 2015
I would think so.
07:44:01 AM Feb 18th 2013
The only example in the section called "Art."

It says, "An American artist once released a poster with a series of pictures showing how a patch of land developed over a hundred years from open prairie into a busy city. Through it all one thing remained: A slowly growing tree."

Why so vague? What is the name of the artist? What is the name of the poster?

This sounds like Robert Crumb's "A Short History of America." However, there is no constant tree. There is a tree that hangs in there for awhile, but it eventually disappears, presumably cut down, and then there are no trees for awhile, until the last panel when everything sort of "snaps back" and becomes filled with trees.

So was this supposed to be Crumb's ASHOA? Or something else?
07:46:05 AM Feb 18th 2013
It's probably vague just because the troper who added it didn't know the name.
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