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06:31:20 PM Oct 6th 2015
As far as real life examples go, would the Jules Verne/H.G. Wells feud count? From what I've read, Vernes focus was writing scientifically plausible stories with social commentary afterward, while Wells wrote socially conscious stories and didn't particularly care about the science. So would Verne be a technician and Wells a performer?
02:39:55 AM Dec 10th 2014
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The comparison of Eastern and Western martial arts is perhaps better phrased as "the way of teaching [...] leans towards technician/performer". Individual martial artists might differ, but there is a definite difference to how they are taught - Western to be efficient in as short a time (and as broad terms) as possible, Eastern often more as a way of life than anything immediately useful.
01:47:32 PM Nov 12th 2012
For the film 'The Prestige', the example lists Angier as the Performer and Borden as the Technician, but I always figured it the other way around: Angier relied on science (via Nikola Tesla!) to perform his Transported Man, while Borden's version is deceptively simple, just requiring an absolute dedication to the art of the performance.
10:43:40 AM Jun 30th 2012
Under professional wrestling, this is a tricky one because while the storyline is certainly available and legitimate, its rarely played out straight. Bryan/Miz is probably the best example of it being straight. Hart/Michaels isn't quite right because Shawn is so good technically as well, even though that was the subtext (well, one anyway) of the feud. I keep fluctuating on whether Taker, HHH, Rock and Cena fit this mold. They're all decent-to-great workers, but they are so good at the performance, they don't necessarily need to rely on their workrate.

OK - I figured out my edit :-)
11:47:41 PM Feb 29th 2016
I would think, as a general rule, that Performers out to put on a show would be Faces. They tend to have better mic skills and pull off the more impressive spots. Heels, on the other hand, are the Technicians who, though their impressive wrestling skill, can be a formidable foe for the Face and can tell the story by setting the Face up for the spots.
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