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01:47:32 PM Nov 12th 2012
For the film 'The Prestige', the example lists Angier as the Performer and Borden as the Technician, but I always figured it the other way around: Angier relied on science (via Nikola Tesla!) to perform his Transported Man, while Borden's version is deceptively simple, just requiring an absolute dedication to the art of the performance.
10:43:40 AM Jun 30th 2012
Under professional wrestling, this is a tricky one because while the storyline is certainly available and legitimate, its rarely played out straight. Bryan/Miz is probably the best example of it being straight. Hart/Michaels isn't quite right because Shawn is so good technically as well, even though that was the subtext (well, one anyway) of the feud. I keep fluctuating on whether Taker, HHH, Rock and Cena fit this mold. They're all decent-to-great workers, but they are so good at the performance, they don't necessarily need to rely on their workrate.

OK - I figured out my edit :-)
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