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12:19:01 PM Dec 31st 2010
  • In the Round Robin DC Challenge, one of the Cliff Hangers was that Jonah Hex had been transported from the 19th century to modern times, he was in the back of a car, the driver got shot, and the car was headed for a bunch of nuns and children. The next month, the cliffhanger was resolved by Hex saying, "I seen that guy move this round thing [the steering wheel] around to make it go different places, reckon I'll try that."
It sounded like consensus was that this isn't an example, since the driver didn't ask for Hex to take the wheel.

  • Used in Knight and Day.
  • Did I see this in The Mexican? Where the kidnapper does this to the protagonist's ex-wife. (Yeah, sorry forgot all of their names, help?)
Can someone be more specific about these?
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