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07:24:50 AM Nov 7th 2017
Does this apply when the suspect couldn't have committed the crime due to being dead at the time? If not, what is?
10:15:18 AM Nov 8th 2017
edited by morenohijazo
Could you write an example, so that we can understand this? I think it may apply, but it depends on the context.

What I think you mean is: a crime happens, detective X thinks "Y must have done it", X goes to arrest Y, but he finds Y is dead, and was already dead by the time the crme happened. If that's the example, it would count.
07:18:18 PM Nov 8th 2017
There was an episode of Monk where the murder victim is a school counselor who once suspended a student for drug use. Disher looks into the student and discovered that he died long before the murder took place. Disher, being The Ditz, doesn't give this as the only or even first reason why he couldn't have done it.
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