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05:36:29 PM Jun 30th 2012
In the Dungeons and Dragons heading, I would like to bring up that in Dungeons and Dragons Version 3.5, age modifiers would cause player characters to gradually lose Strength, Dexterity and Constitution and gain Wisdom, Intelligence and Charisma. While it seems realistic to lose the physical attributes as you get older, consider that memory falls under Intelligence, sharp senses fall under Wisdom, and being overall sexy falls under Charisma. Additionally, classes such as Wizard, Sorcerer and Cleric use Intelligence, Charisma and Wisdom respectively for their abilities. Therefore, a young adult Wizard doesn't have as clear senses, good memory, or as handsome features as when he is 100 years old.
12:57:12 PM Feb 24th 2011
This is basically par the course for reptiles and trees in general, right?
03:56:58 PM Feb 24th 2011
Yes and no. Both do start to eventually weaken and decay after a while
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