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04:11:37 PM Jul 3rd 2011
I really hate the Stealth-Based Mission. When done by big name games such as the COD and other FPS series that has been dumbed down for the general public, all the games makes you do is ask you to walk to movie when the game wants you to move and do stuff when the game wants you to do it with no freedom. It ends up being the most boring missions in the game. The stealth missions also tend to be scrappy. In Return to Castle Wolfenstein, the game became frustrating because of super vision guards and the alarm would literally go off as soon I left a building without alerting anyone. About guard's vision in stealth games, I actually prefer it when guards say "I think I SAW someone, nah I must be HEARING things." over alerting everyone as soon as they see your helment from 50 meters away for a split second. I can enjoy if the entire game is stealth based, but when stealth is needed once throught the entire time, it tends to be that one level, or the stealth becomes a scrappy mechanic.
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