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11:04:40 AM Jul 23rd 2013
I removed this for being off-topic natter, but it's interesting enough to preserve for posterity in my opinion.

  • Apparently, Quidditch has many of these weird little rules that must be enforced, despite the extreme unlikeliness of those particular situations happening. For example, the game cannot end until the Golden Snitch is caught. Ever. One example given by Ron is the "world record for longest game of Quidditch", which was more than a month. They literally had to bring in several backup teams just so the players could get some time to eat and sleep.

In actual fact the record was six months (Quidditch Through the Ages again), and it was one of the World Cups. It would've gone on longer except the ref and both captains finally gave up called it a draw, after which they patched in a time limit of a week (IIRC).
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