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05:50:32 PM Jun 5th 2014
It may not be a trope that needs examples necessarily, but it seems this and So Okay Its Awesome still has a YMMV section in some places where it's used anyway, so I'd like to put down what they are.

For this one, Radiata Stories is like this for some people it seems.

As much as I agree with that for the most part, some parts like how interactive the NP Cs are, how may you can recruit, the different guilds, and the whole Moral Dilemma of choosing between Humans and Non-Humans and all the types of characters you can have and talk to makes it pretty interesting. :)

A few concepts here and there are at least very original and it would be nice seeing them used better in another game... Seems like a perfectly good waste. :(
03:24:51 AM Apr 8th 2014
There is one noted instance of this trope being the desired result: OK Soda, Mid-Nineties brain-child of the Coca-Cola company. The advertising was aggressively geared towards Gen X's apathy and used a mix of positive, neutral and even negative marketing. The ads said things like "OK Soda may be the preferred drink of other people such as yourself." and "Never overestimate the remarkable abilities of "OK" brand soda." to instill just how Mediocre the whole thing was. It went about as well as you'd expect, failing in test markets across the U.S. and getting pulled from production after two years.

Of course, like anything that sets out to fail and does so, it gained a large-ish cult following, who enjoyed it's self-deprecating advertising and even it's odd "Flat Coke meets Orange Soda" taste.

The soda cast a grey light of mediocrity so powerful, however, that fans have started to dwindle rapidly, and general knowledge of the drink is nearly nonexistent.
12:00:46 PM Jan 13th 2013
Is there a good space for works like the 2011 Mediocrity, which aim to illustrate this?
07:25:48 AM Aug 19th 2011
Where do we list the examples now that Troper Tales is axed?
11:00:24 AM Aug 19th 2011
You don't.
01:31:08 AM Aug 23rd 2011
Wha-? Why not?
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