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05:26:58 PM Feb 24th 2013
"while the newer My Little Pony series has only recently been hit by it"

Can we get something to back this up? I've never seen a G4 MLP knock-off, they all seem to use G1/G2/G3 molds
06:57:59 PM Jan 8th 2012
Should we lump together all of the Stuart Ashen examples into one folder, with appropriate hyperlinks?
07:06:10 PM Jan 8th 2012
They would all fall under "Web Original", and any past the first example would go into sub examples.
01:17:00 PM Jan 11th 2012
But this page was directly inspired by Ashens (and was originally called Popstation to reflect that). We've got examples from his videos in Toys and Video Games. Should they all be moved to Web Original?
02:59:05 PM Jan 11th 2012
Yes, as all are web-based videos. But any references to the products themselves should remain in their areas.
07:52:01 PM Nov 9th 2010
I'm not very wikisavvy, and this wiki is particulary different from every single other (who blatantly copies theotherwiki), but I'd like to add an example. Almost sure it is this trope, not some else: Every 3d film by Video Brinquedo (
12:16:51 PM Jan 19th 2012
Those go in Mock Buster.
08:26:59 PM May 10th 2010
Needs a name change.
10:11:13 AM May 11th 2010
Probably, yes. Have any ideas what to change the name to?
12:17:06 PM May 11th 2010
This isn't the place for that, and you can make redirects if you like.
08:51:03 AM May 13th 2010
This needs a discriptive name
12:32:25 PM May 13th 2010
Stop discussing this here. Take It to the Forums!
10:01:00 PM Jun 10th 2011
And they did. And it now has a descriptive name. So that's all good.
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