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09:23:53 AM Jul 23rd 2011
Castlevania 2 is both on "Sequel Difficulty Drop" and "Sequel Difficulty Spike". Isn't this somewhat of a contradiction?
02:02:36 PM Apr 3rd 2011
RP Gs: Lord of the Rings online. After Part II: Mines of Moria had raised the difficulty a bit, the thereafter released additions (e.g. Mirkwood expansion, several free expansions areas, including tons of Fake Difficulty / Sponge Bosses etc.) in combination with recent power creep in class balancing (to such ridiculous proportions that has never been seen in any major MMORPG before; obviously to please the new players with a kind of God Mode after going F 2 P) led to a situation where most encounters can be solved by facerolling over the keyboard. I think this counts as Sequel Difficulty Drop.