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01:40:52 PM Jan 23rd 2011
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Most of the problems with script format on this page seem to be opinions than facts (It being more fun to act out a script than to read one.) Just because I like writing in script, doesn't mean I have an inability to coherently write in paragraph.

I also don't get how script is harder to read than prose? If anything it should be easier, seeing as how you don't have to read a lot of description, and it gets right to the point.
10:46:16 PM Mar 7th 2011
OH THANK YOU! I find script much easier to read, and it is the only way I can write. My boyfriend can't make up characters but can write wonderfully, I am the opposite. I have awesome ideas for stories, but I really suck at maintaining proper english (I don't know why, but I DO know that my vocabulary for describing things is absolutely atrocious) People just generally disliking things written in script format piss me off, it's art class all over again! I can draw cartoon people that my friends and a lot of people love (I wouldn't know why) but my art teacher said I was a failure at anything artistic because I couldn't realistically shade a damn perfume bottle. Plus, my script stories have pictures, so I can draw in y strange style and not have to describe ANYTHING~
01:54:44 PM Jul 19th 2011
This. All of this. So much.

It's especially grating for would-be screenwriters like myself, because this phenomenon just adds to the number of people who don't want to read our stuff and critique it.
02:12:47 PM Jul 19th 2011
Edited for objectivity.

Also, does anybody else feel like discriminating against Script Fic is kinda pointless when so much bad "prose" fiction that is allowed consists only of really basic "Alice walks over to Bob" descriptions intercut with "Alice said 'blah blah'" dialogue? (In other words, bad Script Fic minus the formatting.)
01:51:09 AM Jul 28th 2013
Why is it considered Bad to be good at Script Writer but not Prose? Do people think no one is the opposite?
09:16:27 PM Apr 17th 2010 has banned fanfic written in this way due to the quality concerns mentioned above. This has made it significantly less popular as of late.

Is that referring to being less popular or Script Fic being less popular?
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