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09:01:41 AM Dec 1st 2016
Cut this:

  • Freaks and Geeks actually kept the original music for the DVD, paying all the necessary fees. This is why said DVD costs several times as much as DVDs for other shows.

Because it was never screwed over. No apparent legal holdups, and the set was sold with the music clearance issues already resolved.
10:29:47 PM Nov 24th 2013
Does this trope apply when religious Lawyers(from Arabian or other highly religious countries) force the creators of a work to keep their word(due to "Thou shalt not Lie") to the fans?
08:06:10 AM Oct 6th 2013
I think it's worth pointing something out about Fair Use doctrines: you can't per-emptively call "Fair Use" and protect yourself from a potential lawsuit. Fair Use is a legal defense: when taken to court, you can prove that your use of the work is "fair", given certain requisites.
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