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03:11:28 AM Dec 18th 2014
A weird thing about The Wizard of Oz is that many adaptations are supposed to be sequels or prequels of the MGM film, but ignore the It Was All A Dream ending. Does this count?
06:17:46 AM Dec 6th 2011
I have a problem, I've got this story, I know him who wrote it, it's about his friend who dreams that he is in a pony world. When he sleeps in reality he wakes up there and when he sleeps there he wake up here! But here is my problem: It's based on real events, even the author (as I know) is skeptical about his friend who consider that when he sleeps, he wakes up in the pony world.

The story: http://slenchlitterature.deviantart.com/gallery/

Should it be set in the Real Life section, or should I make a Fanfiction section?