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09:22:33 PM Nov 13th 2011
Is it still Scenery Gorn if made awful by design? HR Geiger's stuff is not of decay, but things horrible by organic design. Gotham City is pretty nightmarish imposing in the nondecayed areas, but is that gorn? Kowloon Walled City (inspiration for parts of Ghost In The Shell series) had nightmarish density of sprawling, unplanned construction going up some 14 stories, with only dark, narrow, irregular alleyways for moving around. But it is "gorn"? It was built this way, not as a matter of decay. Isn't Blade Runner simply dystopian? If so, isn't most scenery shots of dystopian scifi going to be Scenery Gorn?
04:29:05 PM Jan 24th 2011
What is the source of the image used for the topic?
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