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11:04:21 PM Jul 2nd 2017
In the Clash of the Titans remake example, Pegasus is said to refer to any winged horse, not just the singular one present in the Bellerophon myth. Later, under MLP, pegasus supposedly refers only to the "unique" winged horse and not just any such horse.

So which is it?
05:22:22 AM Jan 26th 2013
edited by Candi
Disney's Hercules: "Pegasus has absolutely nothing to do with Heracles. He was captured and tamed by Bellerophon. And then they exploded, to make the story shorter."

The closest you can get Pegasus to Heracles is that in some versions, Perseus was Heracles' great-grandfather. Perseus killed Medusa, who was Pegasus' mother. (Perseus and Heracles were a LOT smarter then Bellerophon.)
07:30:47 PM Aug 9th 2012
How is this related to Fractured Fairy Tale?
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