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08:02:21 AM Jul 20th 2010
Conversation in the Main Page:

  • Heads I Win, Tails You Lose: If you finish as one of the good guys, you can pick either to do Persephone's or James' last mission. James survives either way, and Persephone dies either way, making her the only god that doesn't survive in any ending. And There Was Much Rejoicing.
    • Though it is ambiguous as to whether Persephone actually dies in James' final mission. Stratos is busy attacking James, and Marduk is backstabbing Stratos, leaving noone around to kill Persephone.
      • However in Persephone's final mission, Marduk has enough time to kill both Persephone and Stratos.
    • Also provides Fridge Logic, regarding why Eldred doesn't die when Persephone does.
      • Possibly because the connection between Eldred and Persephone is disrupted by the strong presence of Stratos. However, as Charlotte is killed in the home of Persephone, this must only apply only if the wizard is in the home of a hostile god.

11:20:06 AM Mar 9th 2010

"Gods in Sacrifice can't really get slain their divine essence is retained and eventually 'recycled' into a new god with roughly the same portfolio as the old one. This process takes hundreds of years at best, though"

I never heard about this in the game itself .Which part of the campaign does this info come from ?
04:23:48 PM Mar 10th 2010
I think this can be interpreted from the conversation with Stratos at the end of the mission when you "kill" Persephone (not sure what number it is). He says that a god who's unable even to protect is main altar is considered unworth to be belived in, and so lose all its power. When you ask if this means its death he replies that Persephone can make a comeback in a few centuries, under a new form and try to convince a new batch of would be believers. I don't remember anything about same sphere of influence though.
08:01:27 AM Jul 20th 2010
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