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04:46:55 AM Nov 19th 2011
edited by DaibhidC
Pulled this:

  • In an example that meshes with Face–Heel Turn, Amanda Waller was introduced as the head of a revitalized Suicide Squad/Task Force X during the 80s, whose main goal was the suppression of super-villain activity. However, she is best known for her work in the similar CADMUS and Checkmate organizations, working as a counterforce to the Justice League itself.

Waller was always morally grey (the philisophy of the Suicide Squad was "we send villains out to fight crime because no-one will care if they die in the process!"), and her role with Cadmus (and Cadmus's position as an anti-League taskforce rather than wacky Jack Kirby genetics lab) are from an entirely seperate continuity anyway.
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