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12:11:37 PM Nov 30th 2014
The last couple of paragraphs at the top of the page make no sense. I'm going to rewrite one of them; I can't even tell what the other one is supposed to mean, so I'm going to trim it severely. If anyone knows what it was TRYING to say, please feel free to re-add a fixed version.

For convenience, here's what they were before the edit:

This could somewhat be a good to people who like to endlessly slaughter things or people who feel guilty about killing them.

With very few exceptions, this applies to pretty much every online combat game ever created to avoid players being unwilling to risk sitting out the rest of the match by dying.
03:25:50 PM Jul 21st 2011
removed the other quote (the Gamer's Mainfesto one) for being long and complainy, as well as there already being a perfectly serviceable quote
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