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09:44:11 PM Dec 11th 2012
The main page and the Trope Namers page disagree as to who the Trope Namer is here. The main page attributes its naming to Nick Cave. The Trope Namers page attributes it to John Milton (who used the phrase first in Paradise Lost). One or the other needs to be changed.
10:39:28 PM Dec 10th 2011
Either this trope needs some repairing or its description is too ambiguous.

Does this trope only apply to the hand, or does it stretch to limbs or even beyond that?
10:16:53 PM Sep 3rd 2012
The trope applies to any part of the body, which does seem like Red Right Hand sounds a bit too specific to accurately describe it.

There's also the issue that despite the description commenting that this is an indicator of villains, we see heroes with such deformities also in the examples. Seems a bit contradictory to the original description.

I second a renaming/repair on those grounds.
01:21:10 AM Sep 4th 2012
I'm against opening a TRS thread. The page image clearly shows it isn't just hands. The name is related to the known phrase "caught red-handed" — or if it isn't, since I haven't read that bit of the description, then since I can make that connection it strengthens the name. A quick sweep of the page shows that the majority of examples are not hands or colors.

Heroes are misuse and should be removed. Unless they're taking over the trope, though, there's no reason whatsoever to rename this.
01:09:19 AM Nov 6th 2011
Re: "* In Dune, Baron Harkonnen has diseases injected into his face for some reason, which gives him giant facial pustules. This was invented for the film, though both book and film versions are also morbidly obese."

The way I interpret/remember it, the injections are not diseases but treatment for the pustules, whose origin is never explained.
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