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12:58:52 PM Apr 10th 2016
Do the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and 5Ds mangas count since there's some HUGE differences between them and their anime versions as far as i'm aware. GX manga has an almost completely different plot from it's anime counterpart, Jaden/Judai using a somewhat different deck and so on. 5Ds on the other hand has some major rules changes from the anime...

I didn't get too far looking into the trope, so there may be more examples that i'm not sure fit when scrutinized further.
12:41:02 AM May 4th 2014
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Video game ports of other video games (e.g. Super Street Fighter IV (360/PS3) -> SSFIV (arcade) -> Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (360/PS3)) don't really count in my eyes since they're between platforms of the same medium rather than different media, so I removed such examples.

Maybe we could have a "Recursive Port" trope?
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