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02:26:59 PM Feb 12th 2017
  • Harry Potter does this in Deathly Hallows - yes, Stupefy technically just knocks people unconscious, but when they're riding broomsticks hundreds of feet in the air... matters are made worse when he recognises one Death Eater as someone most likely under mind control and chooses to simply disarm him, which raises questions about all the ones whose faces he didn't see...
Not really sure it qualifies. While Harry never actually tried to kill someone, there is no real indication that he wouldn't if he had to. There are two times in the book when he refuses to kill, first is Stan, who was a good guy, and Harry concluded he was under Mind Control, making him special case(and in turn implying that he didn't mind getting death eaters killed when they're willingly trying to kill him), the second was when he refused to kill not as a matter of principles but for practical reasons. Killing DEs who attacked him would prove they was there, while wiping their memories would throw them off the scent, and they wanted to stay hidden. To sum up he doesn't really seem like Reckless Pacifist when he was never pacifist in the first place.
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