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10:39:22 AM Aug 3rd 2011
edited by TrevMUN
Removed this:

23rd Jun '11 5:02:24 PM Anthrax2525
*** Not so. The Philippine Air Force bought 35 H-model Crusaders from storage and ended up operating 25 until 1988. The French F-8E(FN) Crusaders were updated throughout their lives (new wings, Magic missiles, afterburners, electronics and wiring at one time or another) with the final 17 heavily rebuilt ones retiring in 2000.

Classic Conversation in the Main Page Accuracy Attack. Antrhax2525 fixated like a laser on the final sentence of this example:

** Shin Kazama in particular has a thing for planes that are hard to come by. His first plane seen in the manga and OVA is an F-8 Crusader—which, by the 1970s (the time frame in which Area 88 takes place), only one nation owned combat-ready examples, and was decommissioning them ... France.

... And rather than simply altering it so that it didn't say France was the only country flying F-8 Crusaders, wrote a lecture.

Next time, please do the wiki a favor and actually correct the example you find incorrect rather than writing a paragraph on why it's wrong.
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