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12:53:41 PM Aug 28th 2016
As far as Ridcully goes, his pipe gets mentioned as early as Hogfather, which makes his anti-tobacco stance in Reaper Man the oddity (Random Anti-Smoking Scene?), not his desire for a smoke in Unseen Academicals. (Actually, Hogfather refers to him having a pouch of "herbal tobacco", so you could probably square it that he thinks regular tobacco is bad for you...)
08:38:39 AM Oct 21st 2011
How is this a trope? It's just a list of characters smoking, with a description that sounds a lot more like WMG to me than a trope description.
05:53:18 AM Feb 3rd 2012
edited by SomeSortOfTroper
Yes, good one for the trope repair shop when it opens up again.

My first problem is that the page is about "OMG, these scenes are here for no reason" and that's just not a trope, it seems like useless bitching. The second is that the page gives plenty of actual smoking tropes and just leaves me with the impression that an example gets on the page not be virtue of fitting any convention but by virtue of the person putting it there didn't figure it out.

Really, if I can just think of the straightforward and obvious directorial reasons for the scene, should I just take it out? It will be a far shorter page.
05:13:29 AM Oct 21st 2011
The Independence Day example strikes me as rather silly; it's like the troper has never heard of the Victory Cigar. It may not be a habit you agree with, but it does make sense taken in context.
02:53:59 PM Nov 23rd 2012
"Independence Day: Will Smith's character and his comrade both take cigars along with them when they plan to defeat the aliens for once and for all. And they do smoke them after all the aliens are dead, because what better way of celebrating surviving an alien attack than doubling your chances of getting cancer!"

Even if it fits the trope, to me the 'doubling your chances' remark sounds really smartarse, not funny at all. Yes, there's a definite cancer risk. Snarking about it isn't the point of a trope example.

The cigars do make more sense in context, and it's a callback to early in the film with Will's character and his wingman. They call the cigars their 'victory dance'.
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