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07:32:28 AM Apr 5th 2013
I feel like the image isn't really suited... it might cause confusion with the two different hairstyles, and I think an actual human would look better than a mane.
04:06:01 PM May 26th 2015
I agree; This is generally going to a trope about human hair styles and an illustration of this hair on a human would be good. Especially when the image deliberately contrasts it with Princess Curls on a Horse.

This has the potential to be confusing. There should be a better example.
09:43:07 AM Jan 27th 2013
Slightly off-topic, but what the hell is Pinkie doing to that chicken in the page picture?
11:12:57 AM Aug 24th 2012
edited by IronAnimation
Hesitant to add some examples because of how popular they are, is there a reason they aren't listed?:

Fran from the nanny, River song from doctor who, the princess from brave
09:01:16 AM Oct 22nd 2011
I'll say it again. Hermione isn't quirky. In a castle full of quirky people, she is the dull sensible, mainstream one.
04:18:44 PM Oct 22nd 2011
Exercise your best judgement then, remove the example.
07:31:13 PM Jun 8th 2014
Might be worth adding as a subversion?
04:09:14 PM May 26th 2015
It's definitely not a subversion; it's either an aversion (since there's nothing that implies that she should be quirky due to the hair or that her hair should be straight) or an example.

I'd argue it should be allowed to stay because she does have a few odd quirks that fits into the "nerdy girl frizz" archetype (which lacking its own trope page mostly fits here). I'm not a massive HP fan, but S.P.E.W. comes immediately to mind as a reason that she might be seen as at least a slightly quirky granola girl even if her approach in doing so is more grounded than cuckoolander.
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