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11:47:43 AM Jan 7th 2011
Hmm, I was just thinking about this trope the other day. Personally, I would have called it Super Food. Don't know if that's a better or worse name for the trope? Seeing as how it seems to bestow superhuman powers... Plus superfood is a pretty well-known term for something super-healthy, thus seems a decent enough double-entendre for a title.

Just thinking out loud. What do others think? If it's worthy, the name could be changed and a re-direct put in place from Power-Up Food to Super Food.

Or has this already been discussed somewhere previously?

P.S. Love this site! Just found it, and already hooked-for-life (or something)...
11:51:36 AM Jan 7th 2011
edited by MGmirkin
Also, would it be worthwhile to separate out foods that grant super powers like flying, x-ray vision (AKA, Super Food) from say foods that merely accentuate physical characteristics like strength, height, etc. (AKA, Food Buff)?

Perhaps those would be sub-tropes of Power-Up Food?

Again, just thinking out loud...

Best, ~MG
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